Full Motion Articulating Dual Monitor Arm

DoubleSight’s Slim Profile Monitor Arms are available for Single and Dual Monitors with a brushed silver finish for a polished look on your desk top.  The Slim Profile Series design is adjustable for height, tilt, pivot and swivel for a truly custom view.  The DS-25XE Single Arm and DS-225XE Dual Arm provide the user complete flexibility when installing their monitor on the desktop.  These Arms are designed with multiple pivot points which provide both left/right and up/down movement.


Easy Installation: The two piece design combines an articulating gas spring for up/down movement and a hinged arm design for left/right movement.  It is preassembled and slips easily into a Clamp On Arm Base for a secure mount and a measure of stability not found in other stands. The Arm Base can be attached to the desk top in two ways – Clamp Style over the edge of the desk or Grommet Style by drilling a pilot hole into the desk top. 


VESA Compatible: The arms include a VESA compatible bracket to mount your monitor.  All DoubleSight VESA Brackets are 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm compatible.  The VESA Bracket features a swivel hinge and ball joint for the ultimate in flexibility.  You can Swivel, Tilt or Pivot your monitor to your exact needs.


Arm Flexibility: The two part arms design provide up to 22” of arm extension and 18” of height.  Monitors can also be pulled in close when needed or moved back out of the way when not needed. Monitors can swivel a full 360° (180⁰ for Dual Mounts) on center which is great for sharing the view with someone sitting across a desk or counter.


Warranty: All DoubleSight Monitor Mounting Hardware comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


DoubleSight Displays' Executive Series Monitor Arms offer a stylish, functional mounting solution perfect for any environment. 

  • ·        Classic Silver Finish
  • ·        Articulating Arms with adjustable tension
  • ·        Height, Tilt, Pivot and Swivel to customize your view
  • ·        Capacity up to 27"
  • ·        VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm compatible
  • ·        Built in Cable guides to eliminate clutter
  • ·        Easy installation with Desk Clamp or Grommet Base
  • ·        Secures Monitors in place for theft deterrence
  • ·        Ergonomic design helps relieve stress to eyes, neck and back
  • ·        Lifetime Warranty

Full Motion Articulating Dual Monitor Arm - DS-225XE

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